Thursday, 24 September 2009

Give me a strong, muscular, athletic woman

Since I first laid my eyes on the photos of a new friend on Facebook I simply cannot think about anything else but how wonderful it would be to be her slaveslut, being whipped and punished for her enjoyment… an extremely powerful woman which will not tolerate any signs of disobedience from me. God how I crave to be under her cruel lash! She is extremely muscular, fit and simply gorgeous, a professional Dominatrix and a former champion in various sports. Also, she is a bodybuilder.

Yes, being in the hands of this woman would be a happiness such as I can hardly describe. Naturally, I have told my Master about my fantasies and he appreciates the fact that it makes me so extremely horny and lusty ;-) I would like to show you some pics of this gorgeous woman but since she has not yet approved I cannot do so. Meanwhile, hope you like this pic. Sadly I never got to meet a woman like my Facebook friend when I was a teenage girl but I am just as ready for her now. I am sure that Master will love to see me punished by a strong woman and the thought is etched in my mind. I have been masturbating like crazy the past days, constantly dreaming about her and her heavy bullwhip. Yes, she occupies my mind to such a degree that it may well be an affirmation and who knows what will happen then?

Take care and do leave a comment while you are here. I am very anxious to know what you like to read about. True, a blog is a form of diary but if I wanted to write just for myself there would be no point in publishing my thoughts this way? So please let me know. *hugs* tina

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Johanna said...

I love your blog. It feels really nice to read about things i can't talk about, to learn and get new ideas. Thank you!