Friday, 25 September 2009

Punishment or pleasure?

Isn't it marvellous how an instrument which is intended for correction and that acts destined to punish us miserable sinners can be such enormous sources of profound happiness and joy? Every time after a severe trashing or a good otk spanking I am simply crazy with lust and it's like floating on waves of pleasure. I experienced smething similar one time when I was given morphine when in the hospital. It was a feeling such as I wanted to embrace the whole world, I was constantly smiling and enjoying life and felt only positive vibrations. Well, you don't need morphine or other addictive substances to experience that. A paddle, cane or a birch will do the trick nicely.

This is going to be a great day. Do enjoy it to the fullest. I certainly will.


Anonymous said...

I came to your page from Kinky Kim who has been behaving badly in not keeping her blog up to date. I described for her what I think her punishment should be.

It is great to find a women who understands what moat women only fantasize about.

I suspect that as men have become more wimpy and pathetic women have turned to feminism and other women.

I think if more men weren't afraid and got their women to submit all would be happier.

I appreciate you're writing it is graphic but enjoyable. I will have my sub read it

Anonymous said...

Yes there is nothing like sex after a good whipping. My juices are flowing I beg for my masters sex just as I begged for him to punish me. I love the feeling of pain followed by pleasure of giving my all to my master. My body, my sex. I feel so bad for other women who've never experienced this feeling. I try to explain to my friends but they don't understand.


tinaslut said...

Thank you both so much for you input :-) Who is Kinky Kim? Can you give me her blog URL? Sarah: yes I couldn't agree more. But let's work for making more women experiencing this wonderful world.

Scipio said...

I enjoy your blog, its very hot and it is extra good since the reader can feel how much you enjoy punishment and humiliation.

I want to read about how horny Tina enjoys a humiliating golden shower.

Master Scipio

Anonymous said...

This is the URL for Kinky Kim

She is not as good as you at keeping her blog up to date. Very disappointing.

Her writing is not as graphic as yours. Maybe she should come over here more to get some pointers.

tinaslut said...

Sorry, now I see it: I have actually visited Kim's blog and I also left a comment! So much for my memory. Must be punished very hard for this... And I do enjoy her blog. I was neglecting mine for a long while, too but now it feels inspiring and fun to write.