Tuesday, 13 May 2008

'Angelique and the Sultan' whipping scene

A scene from the film Angelique and the Sultan. The setting is just right, although we never get to see the branding (at least I have not found any clip of that yet).

Please vote in my poll for how you want me to punish myself. I am so excited about doing this, especially as it actually is you who are voting that decides how I shall suffer. I will carry out the self-punishment which get the most votes on May 17. Oh, how I am longing to do it…


beau said...

I've just voted.

I hope you are looking forward to May 17th as much as I am!

B xx

Anna said...

Hi there, thank you for your comment on my poetry blog, I love getting feedback and thoughts.

I just looked through your blog and I'm pretty impressed. You're so original (-ly sinful ;) )and there's a sort of rawness in your writings that I like.

I like that Angelique movie scene. Is it just me or does she look like she's totally relishing hanging from those cuffs?

I wish you a good day and hope you'll pop in again sometime, cheers,


ps: sorry for the double post, there was an error in the first comment I left