Friday, 9 May 2008

My wonderful cane, oh how good it hurts ;-)

Earlier today I decided to use the heavier cane on myself. It’s in excess of one metre long and heavy, sturdy and massive. Each stroke leaves immediate after the impact two parallel bright red lines that soon form a pretty welt. Also, this special cane gives a very dull pain that lasts for a long time and the welts are very sore several days ater the caning, hurting at the slightest touch. Just after the caning, they burn deliciously and makes the fire spread within my body.

This cane also leaves lumps around the welts on places where I have struck especially hard. In all, this is a perfect instrument of correction if you want a lasting pain that will not fade away soon. In a few days, my welts will be beautifully black and blue.

I have whacked away at my bottom with full force and thighs and caused some really nice stripes. It hurts especially much where I have accidentally struck a previous welt or lump caused by the riding crop a couple of days earlier. Fifty hard strokes, as hard as I could possibly lay them on. I even got a couple of strokes across my left hand by mistake but that just adds to my excitement.

Naturally, it will never be the same as being caned by my Master but I still think I have done a quite good job. After the 50th stroke I was simply delirious with lust, horny as hell, and I have been masturbating for more than an hour, bringing myself to the most fantastic orgasms. When I masturbate I generally use my nails and pinch myself to maximize the climax. My poor clitoris is pretty sore right now ;-)


R said...

You are a very exciting woman.
I envy your Master!


Force Fiend said...

9 mm canes are interesting, as are thinner ones.

Graphite hasn't the same aesthetic as rattan but it's not bad and a lot more cost effective.