Sunday, 18 May 2008

Thorn in my buttocks - my bloody whipping

YESSSSSS… I made it! I am not saying it was easy and I am still not able to sit so this posting is written a bit at a time. But believe me, it was a real kick and even more exciting than I had imagined. What added to the experience was the Tiger Balm – an oriental heat rub which is usually used for treating pain, muscular aches, insect bites and so on. It contains camphor, menthol and many other exciting things. I had actually never used it before but somebody in a chat-room recommended it for self-punishment. How right he was!

Yesterday was a rainy day here in the Stockholm area and it was relatively easy to sneak out to pick the thorn branches. I selected five of them of various sizes and soon got back home without anyone noticing me. My punishment was to be 48 hard strokes and I started by smearing the thorns with tiger balm. In this way the balm would be pressed into the open wounds with each stroke and add to my pain. I had tried a very small portion of it on my clit the night before so I realized perfectly well how devilishly it could burn. But it added very much to my excitement as I was playing with myself that night.

I found the safest place for my self-punishment to be the bathroom. Of course I expected some blood. I had arranged a big mirror so I could see the result of the thorns biting into my flesh. I was standing on a white sheet which I had arranged on the floor and to drown any sounds I let the water run into the bathtub during the session and the stereo was on quite loud.

Time for the first stroke. I bent forward, aimed, swished the first branch a couple of times and then I struck with a force that even surprised myself. This cut would have been very painful even without the thorns. It hit perfectly across my naked globes and in the mirror I could see a bright red welt forming, with several droplets of blood appearing. Some wounds were bigger than the others and some blood trickled down my buttocks and thighs. But the most extreme sensation came a few seconds after the stroke. Suddenly it felt like my buttocks were burning and the fire was increasing all the time, just like when you have eaten very strong Spanish pepper and try to extinguish the fire by drinking water. My god, how it burned! The fire was so intense that I almost lost my breath and at the same time the very special tingling within me was building up as the fire was spreading through my body, radiating from my lacerated buttocks.

I waited a long time before striking again. Before I started I had decided to count to hundred before I laid on the next stroke and I followed that routine through the whole session. All the time I was trying to strike harder and I was rewarded with bigger bleeding wounds plus the excruciating fire which was becoming more and more intense, growing in strength all the time. The fire made me hot! I started to moan while I kept on whipping myself and I was sweating profusely. The pain and the burning sensation plus my exhausted state made me dizzy so I had to make a pause after 25 strokes. Yes, I must admit, I even brought myself to climax during this pause ;-) I also took a photo of the blood-stained sheet plus the switches.

Blood splattered on the white sheet and although most wounds closed just after the stroke, there were some that kept on bleeding for a longer time and small trails of blood were trickling down my thighs. It felt like this pain and vicious fire which was running through every nerve in my body would never end. I was totally obsessed with the pain and I felt the wellknown sensation as the endorphin level was starting to rise.

When I finally had administred the 48th stroke, my poor buttocks were like two big swollen globes burning with pain. Bright red and full of small swollen pimples where the wounds had closed. I must have had hundreds of bleeding wounds on my buttocks and I was so sore that even the slightest touch of my lacerated bottom proved very painful.

Not only was I excited about having carried out the punishment that you, my dear readers, had decided I should do by your votes. No, what added so much to my excitement was the ever growing fire in my buttocks which kept on alternating all the time. I simply had to masturbate and I kept on coming again and again.

Master called from abroad late last night and I was proud to tell him about what I had done. He was very happy about it and told me I had been a good girl. The fantastic thing is that the fire is still there today, although it has decreased somewhat. Not to mention that my buttocks are very sore, swollen and full of marks. I am gradually getting back to reality although it will take a while before I can sit properly again. And I am so grateful to that unknown man who recommended Tiger Balm. This surely added a totally new dimension to my self-punishment session.

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