Saturday, 10 May 2008

The whipping of Brigitte Bardot

This is a wonderful, sunny Saturday, almost like summer. This weekend is going to be great. I have just taken a long walk with Ville, my faithful dog. Unfortunately I have to wear jeans this hot day to conceal the marks on my thighs. Most welts have now turned black and blue and they still hurt, making me so excited. I took some pics of things that inspired me during our walk and I will get back to these.

Meanwhile, here is an exciting scene from the Italian film ‘Tre passi nel delirio’ where we will see the one and only Brigitte Bardot being whipped on her back after losing a card game. By the way, if you know some people who would like my blog, please send them here. And I will be glad if you leave a comment before you go.


R said...

Nice clip Tina. By the way, I haven't forgotten your stingray tail whip. I cought a small one last week but the tail was only about 11 inches long. I should catch larger ones as the waters warm this month and next.


Force Fiend said...

Once upon a time this woman inspired many mighty erections.

Then she became a social creature. Interested only in how she could make others dance to her tune.

She lost her eroticism.