Thursday, 8 May 2008

Caning scenes from ‘Happy Valley’

These caning and whipping scenes are really quite realistic. I especially enjoy seeing the last trashing when the Master of the house takes over the whipping himself and trashes the girl like mad until she passes out. My, would I like to trade place with that girl! Imagine receiving beatings like this each and every day… mmmm lovely…


Force Fiend said...

The cane is a special instrument. Father is a special punisher.

The two together form a serendipity of pain and submission that can not be equaled. Even mother and cane do not equal father and pain. To some the mother is greater than the father, to others it is less.

But father is not stranger, not brother, not lover. Father is father and the cane is the cane.

The cane.

What instrument EVER equals this one in pain? No whip. No paddle. Only the cane provides the special pain that is the cane. That building, building, BLOSSOMING of pain that comes from the cane alone is the flower that speaks to the initiate and not to the novice.

The cane and the father. Never equaled. Never duplicated. Unique and to be treasured. Roles of person and tool that are unique.

Force Fiend said...

Too bad he doesn't force her to enjoy the whipping.

Anonymous said...

I especially enjoyed the girl suffering her punishment by the governess after she had enjoyed the pleasure of sex.