Thursday, 8 May 2008

I need a good cropping NOW!

Now is the right time for a good cropping! I need to feel the bite of stinging riding crop right away and as I am alone at home right now with nobody to disturb me, I am going to select a crop from my secret toolbox and give myself fifty hard strokes. The biggest problem when using the crop on myself is simply striking hard enough and in no way is it the same experience as when my Master whips me. It is often tempting to deliver all the strokes at a furious pace to get it over and done quickly but He would never do it that way. No, he delivers each cut swiftly and very hard, then he pauses between each stroke, letting the pain sink in and the fire spread through my body. Oh, how I love bending over for Him, anticipating each vicious stroke. He certainly knows how to set my body on fire and after each cropping, my poor bottom is criss-crossed with hard, swollen welts. And it makes me so gooddamn horny! *blushes*

I know I could never use the riding crop on myself as efficiently as He does when he whips me. But as my Master is far away right now, this is the second best thing.

Fifty hard strokes are what’s awaiting me. I will bend over before the bed, standing naked and strike as hard as I possibly can. I will try to make as long pauses as possible before the next stroke. When the 50th stroke has been delivered I know I will be hot and eager and I will bring myself to the most wonderful orgasms.

This is the crop I have selected. It stings soo good :-)

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Force Fiend said...

Crops can combine the density of the cane with the sting of lesser whips.

If you do them right.