Thursday, 8 May 2008

Publically whipped and abused

Mmmm…. that was wonderful. It took a bit more than half an hour to administer the 50 strokes of the crop and I think I did quite well. My buttocks are covered with bright red stripes and I also took about ten on the front of my thighs. The welts are swollen and will be black and blue tomorrow.

Many of my fantasies involves public punishments of various kinds. These pictures by Picard really turns me on. How I would like to be this girl (although we are not very similar in appearance). Just imagine being chained to a cross in the town square, whipped with a sharp cane on my breasts before a cheering crowd.

The terrible punishment will go on and, with the crowd urging the whipmistress to beat me even harder.

After the flogging, my suffering is far from over. The mayor of the town is very excited from what he has seen and wants to beat me himself. So I am taken to his private office where he can beat and whip me for as long as he likes.
Mmm what a wonderful scene. And this is just the beginning….

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R said...

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