Sunday, 11 May 2008

Self-punishment: Tina's birching

This is not a fantasy story as everything happened exactly as I have written. I am already yearning to receive a new instruction for self-punishment :-) Please vote for what method you want me to use in my poll. I will then carry out the self-punishment that get the most votes.

Finally I did it! My apologies for the delay go to the Dom who ordered me to do it but I can assure you that it was both exciting and thriling to carry the punishment out One day i had the following mail in my inbox:

"Go out and pick a birch rod with many small switches... hide it in your closet and take it out when the kids have gone to bed, use it on yourself as hard as you can, on your behind and don't spare your cunt, keep on trashing yourself until you come... please report when you have completed the mission."

Believe me, this turned me on and made me very... well, horny *blushes*... as I read the mail. A totally unknown man somewhere in cyberspace directs my actions and tells me what to do. I found it especially exciting that he specifically ordered me to use the birch on my cunt! I used to feel ashamed about thinking of my sex in those terms but now I found it very arousing and it felt very natural. Just thinking of how it would feel using the birch rod on my pussy made me very excited. Master has on some occasions used a sharp rod on me as I was lying spread-eagled with a cushion under my behind to expose my wide-open pussy the most, but I had sofar never whipped myself there.

I must confess, however, that I did not obey this Dom to the letter. Instead of picking the birch rod and bringing it home I went out into the woods at a time when I knew I would be alone. It was a dark night and quite windy but I had selected the perfect spot for my performance. Deep into the woods there is a small depression in the ground surrounded by huge rocks and protected by the vegetation. Here nobody could see me and I was also protected from the chilly wind. Also, the wind would drown all sounds but to be on the safe side I put a scarf in my mouth as a provisional gag.

I take a walk with my dog Ville each evening. He is the most wonderful companion you could think of and although he is getting old he is a great watch dog. He followed me behind and when I told him to stay on the path to guard while I climbed down begind the rocks, he knew exactly what I expected from him.

Well, you could say that I was a bit disobedient. On the other hand I don't think I could have carried out the punishment as efficiently as I did if I had all the time been forced to listen after any sound from the room next to my bedroom, if any of my kids should wake up. Now it was only me, the birch rod and my faithful Ville guarding.

I had brought a pair o pruning shears and soon I had accumulated a substantial stock of birch rods and switches on a big, flat rock. Next to the rock there is a big old weeping birch and the switches were full of small, very hard buds as this was before the leafing. The heavy switches reminded me of a multi-tailed scourge with hard knots and small weights.

I undressed and took everything off except for the thin top which I had under my sweater. It was not only the cold night which made my nipples hard and erect like never before, but also the apprehension and lust which was all the time building up within me. God, how I yearned to taste the birch rods on my pussy!

I had made sure that all switches and rods were long and flexible. The length and the elasticity was especially important to maximaze the impact of each cut. I tried several switches and in order to save them they had to be possible to roll together and then regain their normal form without breaking. Then it was fresh and flexible enough for my needs.

i took a long birch rod with several switches from the weeping birch and took position with widespread legs on a flat rock. The rock felt cold under my bare feet and the cool air against my exposed sex made me shiver with excitement. Now I really felt like a real slut, sinful and horny! This was a confidence given to me by an unknown man. I simply had to do it as good as I possibly could and strike with all my might. Would I be able to whip myself to climax? I often pinch myself and use my nails thoroughly when masturbating but still this was something different.

I raised my arm, the rod whistled through the air and I stuck out my bottom to meet the vicious cut. It hit me perfectly right across my buttocks and the elastic switches with the hard buds bit into my flesh. Oh, how good it hurt! The wonderful heat made me strike faster and faster, with a burning fire building up within my body, spreading from my glowing behind. I was wet and hot, lubricating more and more with every slash. I started caressing myself with my left hand while I kept on trashing away at my buttocks like mad.

Very soon I had worn out the first birch rod so I just picked up a new one and kept on frantically trashing my burning behind which I stuck out at an ever increasing pace to meet the cutting switches. Now and then they hit across my thighs and I was sobbing uncontrollably, my tears flowing down my face while I kept on trashing away faster and harder like mad.

Soon it was time for the first wicker - a heavier, more massive and thick rod, although still very flexible and sharp. It hurt terribly as it cut into my bruised, sore bottom. But I kept on striking again and again and now I was glad that I had gagged myself, otherwise I would have screamed out loud from the extreme pain. To somewhat ease the pain i started to jump up and down barefoot on the rock while I kept on whipping myself in an ever increasing frenzy.

My cunt! The words of my unknown Dom shone in letters of fire. Now the time had come! I was already on the brink of an orgasm after having masturbated frantically during the whipping but I wanted to reach my climax by means of the birch rod, just as ordered. Quickly I laid down on my back on the flat rock and the sensation as my burning, swollen rump pressed against the cold stone slab almost made me lose my breath. I kept on masturbating with my pussy vibrating, my sex lips were wide open, my juices flowing. Then I took the fresh birch rod from the weepng birch in my right hand and raised it as high in the air as I could. I pressed my heals against the rock, raising my body, exposing my pussy with my legs as much separated as possible. My wide-open sex felt like it would explode. I started to whip my pussy as hard as I could and the pain was so intense that I had to bite my lover lip very hard to be able to continue. I whipped my cunt! A burning, savage birching on my wide-open pussy! In my pussy! I bit my lip so hard I felt the taste of blood while I kept on trashing my poor pussy like desperate. My body was jerking, my pelvis gyrating in a wild ride of searing pain. Nothing existed but me and the biting switches that cut my sensitive flesh so cruelly.

I sobbed and cried and my eyes were blinded by tears. My wide-open sex shot up at the dark night sky in frantic, aggressive thrusts to meet the biting switches and I felt that I was about to climax. This was it! My lust and excitement had taken over the pain and I whipped myself like possessed, forcing myself to go on in an insane ride of pain and lust under the merciless cuts of the birch rod.

Then it happened! At last! I bucked like a mad bronco and threw my head in every direction, the gag muffling my cries of climax. I came again and again, finally collapsing on the rock, totally exhausted, with the birch rod falling from my powerless hand.

Finally I started coming to after the most intense orgasms I had experienced in ages. The rock felt cold and hard. I dressed and I could see that I had done a great job trashing my behind as I could not button up my jeans, When I and Ville got back home from our walk in the woods, my kids were sitting in front of the TV. When they asked I just told them that it was cold and bleak outside. A perfect evening for watching TV.

I could not think of sitting down. For a long time I stood in front of the bathroom mirror, admiring all the welts, bruises and marks on my body. I even had succeeded to slash several small bloody wounds in my flesh. I had been able to let loose and carry out the punishment with maximum efficiency thanks to the fact that I felt secure and at peace because Ville was guarding. I would definitely give him a great, nice meaty bone next day.

I did not sleep much that night as I lay face down with a wet towel on my welted, swollen bottom. I could not stop masturbating! My cries of ecstasy were drowned by the pillow and I knew I had to experience this again very soon.


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Rick said...

Lovely story.

Before you begin the nipple torture just described I suggest several days of healing. If you have too many sore areas each can not be focused upon. All things in their time.

Sleep now