Saturday, 10 May 2008

Please tell me how to hurt myself… need it so badly

I would like to ask you one thing. Would you like to give me instructions on how to punish myself, how to hurt myself? I have spoken with my Master a lot about this and we both agree that it would be a very exciting thing for me to obey orders from somebody unknown out there in cyberspace, carrying out the self-punishment to the letter. So please post a comment and tell me what to do. My limits are simply: no kidsex, no animalsex, no scat.

I took some photos while I was out walking the dog (my love Ville) today. One must say that Mother Nature is a clever girl. Yes, even Bobby Darin said so (in his 1961 hit ‘Multiplication’). I have become an addict of 50s/60s music after meeting my Master, who is a vinyl record collector. Not only has he taught me a lot of the finer points of submission, he has also introduced me to a world of great music that I hardly even knew existed before.

As for the photos and Mother Nature: she has it all lined up so neatly. She really has put every effort into serving us masogirls and our Masters. Just get outside – and you have it all. How about a good birching? Remove the leaves and you have a great weapon in your hand.

Yesss… it stings so good and simply set me on fire. Master usually sends me out to pick my own birch rods which he will later use on my bare bottom. This is one of the most exciting things I can think of right now.

Birch rods are also great for self-discipline. I also use many other type of switches. The general rule is that they shall be so flexible that you can fold them double and then they will go back to their normal state when you release them. If they break, they are not suitable for our purposes… A couple of great examples (remember to remove the leaves before use):


Yes, I do use switches and birches quite a lot when I punish myself. But I sometimes want to go so far that I draw blood and that it is really very hard to do when whipping yourself with switches. Although I try and try to do my best, I hardly ever succeed. Fortunately, there is a great solution to this dilemma – thorns!

One single stroke of this and blood starts pouring out in several spots. When I whip myself with a thorn branch I simply cannot stop… I keep on lashing myself until blood is trickling down my thighs.

Ain’t I a crazy girl… ;-)


gwendy said...

I am the TV maid and slave to a beautiful, and very sadistic, Mistress.
We were at a outdoor human pony event last year but because of a heart problem I was not allowed to be a pony but was the Mistresses maid, serving drinks etc. and also being their mobile toilet.
However my Mistress thought I was getting off too lightly so took me to some rough ground and found some nettles,
She had me pull up a bunch with my bare hand, form them into a ball and stuff them down the front of my panties, a second bunch down the back and two more under my breast forms, the rest of the afternoon was not so comfortable!!!
So go out into the fields and find some nice young nettles and four bunches inside your undies.

Force Fiend said...

Birching should be with a bundle of fresh birch branches, the buds still upon the limb.

The cane, however, is a seasoned tool.

Nettles are functional and intense.

If you want real punishment then use OraGel to numb out your clit making sure you can not cum easily.

masterm said...

place the barbs of large hooks into your breasts , and in your cunt then hang over a pully the rope as it then causes the barbs to pull and rip open your now bloody tits and raw cunt.