Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The noble art of marketing

I just saw a post in a web forum where a guy was wondering why he never got any answers from women to his posts. Without having seen this particular post I have a pretty good idea why.
Enter a forum or a chat room as a female and you are instantly bombarded with photos of many men’s most precious possession: their cock! Usually in an erect state and the text goes something like “can you take a XL dick… pm me now”.

Seriously, if I wanted a dildo I would go out and buy one! I don’t need the entire kit – all the rest that comes with the dick. A dildo would, I suspect, in many cases have a more advanced intellectual capacity than the guys who post this rubbish. For me it’s a real turn-off, Besides, if your unique selling point is your dick, I would say your chances of getting a reply from any woman is microscopic.

Now and then I cyber-play. I used to have a very active IRC period and I still use it at times. So what do I encounter when I log in? Either “hi slut”, “come here slut”, just “hi” or “a/s/l”.

A/s/l? Am I supposed to answer 40/f/Stockholm? What a wonderful way of having a conversation. The a/s/l bit alone tells me that this person will not be of any interest to me. Just imagine what the play would be like. A lot of abbreviations there too, I suppose.

Our personality shines through very effectively in the way we use the language. The man who has a way with words will certainly spark my interest. After all, this was how I met my Master. A beautiful, rich language is a sign of creativity and it really turns me on. Yes, I think such a language is very sexy.

But what if you simply cannot do any better? If your skills in writing are so limited that you could not write more advanced sentences than 7-8 words at a time? Can you compensate your verbal shortcomings by having a huge dick?

No, I don’t think so. At least you are not for me. If you want to get through to any woman it will take a lot more than a photo of your cock.

By the way, anyone out there who recognize this artist? There was a set of pics about this girl Sheila being punished in many different ways. I would very much like to have these pics as I find them arousing.

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