Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Innocent in terror - a great example of s&m porn smut

I just can’t help it but s&m porn smut turns me on! It inspires my fantasies, which, as you may have noticed, can be quite brutal at times. Strange? Well, my philosophy is very simple: anything that makes me horny is something positive! Maybe I wouldn’t dare writing like this if I were to publish pictures of myself. At this state I have a certain security, a shield of anonymity. It may not be especially common that mothers and housewives have a passion for literature of this sort but then I am one of the exceptions.

Anyway, back to the subject. My Master collects many things and when he comes to me he always brings me some exciting presents. It may be a whip or a riding crop – naturally intended for being used on me later – or something to spark my imagination and fantasies. This book surely did.

Innocent in terror is a book from the Star Distributors’ series. If I ever see a book title with the prefix ‘WIP’ I know it will be in my taste. This indicates that the book is from the Star people and although the plots are very simple and the storyline is made to expose as many rape and torture scenes as possible, I simply love the stuff! Yes, they are written by men – for men. They are often illustrated with simple but erotic drawings. In the 1970s Star was pumping out zillions of s&m smut paperbacks and I have just seen a few of them sofar. But I find the books very exciting and they often fuels my own fantasies.

The storyline of Innocent in terror is very simple. Young blonde Tammy Hartman runs away from her Midwest home in search of fame and stardom in Hollywood. Working as a waitress, she never seems to get enough money for the ticket west so she sells her body to one of the guests in order to pay for the trip. Once in California she falls into the hands of Margo Productions – a production company specializing in X-rated horror movies. Poor Tammy is subjected to the most brutal tortures and other perversions and soon she comes to enjoy it. Out of Morgo Productions comes a full-fledged masochist. However, the people behind the studio goes too far and finally Tammy and her stallmates rebels against the terror.

Yes, this book is a perfect example of basic, no-nonse low budget smut. Still, this book, and many others in the same vein, have been a great inspiration for me and my Master. Just having to hide possessions like this from prying eyes adds to my excitement…

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Qarl said...


This reminds me of books I used to have to furtively read in bookstores and libraries before I could find literary entertainment on the internet.

Another book I enjoyed, though not in the WIP category, was "S&M: The Last Taboo". It was both a series of essays on sadomasochism and why it's so forbidden in our society, as well as a collection of excerpts from classic S&M erotica up through the early 1970's. It's where I first discovered the Story of O, and delighted in Edith Cadivec's memoirs of spankings as a youth.

Thanks for accompanying me on memory lane.