Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Sometimes a picture tells more than a thousand words

I often get aroused by pictures of various kinds. It can be a comic strip, a picture in an advertisement or on a billboard, a painting. Although words are one of my biggest kinks (I tend to fall for verbal, creative men who have a good way with words – that’s how I met my Master, by the way!), pictures and images do a lot to spark my imagination and make my brain paint one masochistic fantasy after another. I have earlier shown some works by Picard and here is some more:

After seeing this picture I can never go past an anthill without getting excited and thinking naughty thoughts. There are billions and billions of little voluntary workers who will be just to happy to assist with a girl’s self-punishment.

I love this whipping scene below by Picard. In case you don‘t speak German, the Mother showing her guests around tells that the woman doing the whipping was made an overseer because she had actively reported her fellow inmates for various mistakes. She also tells the Countess that she should beware of the sharp rocks on the floor which could easily damage her shoes and hurt her. She adds that the floors are covered with sharp rocks because the female inmates must walk barefoot all the time. Isn’t that nice?

My Master has taught me a lot and I keep learning every day. Not only does he teach me submission but he has also opened up the world of 50s/60s music for me. He has a huge record collection and this cover surely made me excited the first time he showed the EP to me. For as long as I can remember I have been fantasizing about brutal cavemen, capturing their women by knocking them on the head with their heavy club and dragging them to their cave by the hair. A gorgeous cover, if you ask me.
I must say that I also like the music on this EP. The band is called the Piltdown Men and their rock’n’roll instrumentals are great. I think this EP is from 1960 (please, Master, forgive me if I’m wrong).

Yes, pictures can really set your mind on fire. By the way, have you voted in my poll yet? This Saturday (May 17th) I will carry out the self-punishment which gets the most votes. It is you who decides how you want me to suffer…

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