Monday, 30 June 2008

Girls violently whipped in Ethiopia

Here is a videoclip which may spark your interest. Young girls are begging to be whipped and acts provoking in order to get the men to whip them. This is done as a part of the Bull Jumping Ceremony, a ceremony where a young man has to prove his adulthood by jumping over six bulls. The young women of the family have to prove the courage of the family by letting themselves be whipped very hard. The girls are whipped by switches so hard that they bleed and the whipping causes more or less permanent scars.

Here we see the whipped back of one local girl:

Take care all


Irene said...

OMG! Thats horrible. Poor girls... Maybe they like it. lol

EDWARD said...

It looks like some women took it on the front,but we did not get to see that,thanks for the clip. edward

Anonymous said...

According to the scars the whipping must have been absolutely painful for the women. And I'm stupid enough to envy them.