Sunday, 29 June 2008

For the love of my Master

I am indeed a very happy woman. When I fell into your arms on Friday after such a long time apart, I experienced profound happiness. As I rubbed myself against you, feeling your strong, masterful manliness, I realized how much I had been missing you. But now we have a long, wonderful summer ahead of us.

I pressed my chest against you and the tacks and pins dug into my swollen breasts. You smiled at me and kissed my lips gently. My entire mind and body was uproar with lust but I knew I had to be calm. I wanted to fall on my bare knees before you, begging you to hurt me. I wanted to beg you for a good taste of your whip. But I knew better than trying. You can read me like no other and I know how you work. Your strategy is to make me wait, having me on the torture rack as long as possible before you finally let me experience what I crave. You and I know that it just increases my lust to a degree which is almost unbearable and I know I could never achieve it on my own.

Yes, I do a lot of self-punishments and I am very active when it comes to, well, sort of… flicking the bean, twiddling the knob… oh well, masturbating… *blushes* I do it several times a day and very often if I only have only a couple of minutes to spare by myself. It makes it so much more exciting. But it can never be the same as being owned and used by you, Master. The joy of submitting to your masterful manliness is what keeps me going.

You ordered me to go into a chatroom to tell about what was happening and when you grabbed my breasts from behind so hard that it felt like all pins were driven into my flesh at the same time, I cried out from pain. Your whisper in my ear that you thought I needed a good spanking made me so aroused and I had to finish the chat contact very quickly. You led me to the bedroom with a hard grip in my left ear and very soon I was lying over your knee. Oh Master, this is so wonderful.

During the day you punished me in various ways, gradually building up the excitement and the harshness of my punishments. I was only too happy to submit and when you used your heavy belt on my sore bottom I screamed so much from pain and ecstacy that you had to gag me before proceeding. You know exactly how to make me reach the wonderful world of subspace and we both know that plain vanilla sex just will never be the same.

At nine o’clock in the evening you took off my tacked bra and the pain when the pins and tacks were pulled out of my flesh was the most intense I had felt in a long time. More pins than I realized had penetrated my skin and my poor breasts, red and sore, were full of marks. You surely used both teeth and fingers in the most effective way to cause me moe pain, to put loving marks on my body.

Master, I love you and I am so glad to be with you again. May this go on forever.
your slaveslut tina

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will69b said...

You are so naughty, it hurts!

~~I'm in awe, reading your posts.

Being bad, can be so good.