Monday, 16 June 2008

Thank you for voting… but what is the outcome?

When I finally got into town to check out the results of my blog poll, I found out that both the caning and the thumb tack bra alternative have attracted an equal amount of votes. How do we solve this? I have decided to prolong the time for voting until Wednesday, June 18 by which time hopefully we will have a clear number one. So please keep those votes coming.

Whatever alternative it will be, I will be using many other forms of self-punishment, too. And in a week Master will be back with me for a while before travelling on. But we will surely have a wonderful time together and I expect to have a lot of great experiences to tell you about in my blog later this summer. Sofar it has been a wonderful summer here in Sweden and I am very excited about what I will experience later in summertime. I am going back home today and I will start carrying out the self-punishment decided by you after the new deadline: midnight CET on June 18 (22.00 UTC).

I have gained a lot of experience when it comes to using different types of switches, birches, rods and branches on my bare buttocks this week. Obviously the birch is the most effective alternative but you also have to find very elastic switches that will not break easily. Also, they are only effective for a few hours after picking, then they start to dry up. Another thing is that my skin gets very rough from the continous birchings so in the end my skin is like rawhide and very difficult for the birches to cut through. The first days I succeeded to slash many bleeding scars into my sinful globes but the last days I have not succeeded to do that although each birching still hurts and burns wonderfully.

Thank you again for voting and please come back soon. I have a lot of exciting things to tell you about and I must confess that knowing that you are reading what I write and so many of my secret thoughts and fantasies makes me very horny… *blushes*


Abel1234 said...


What a wonderful blog - found my way here after you commented on the Spanking Writers, and have been devouring your writing. There are so many spanking blogs - yet none that writes as well as you about self-punishment.

I do wonder, though: what's better for you. Self-punishment? Or, say, the moment when you walk into a room and find yourself face-to-face with a gentleman holding the birch with which he is about to punish you?

tina said...

Could not find your profile so I'll answer here. The absolute best is when Master is with me, handlig the punishments. But as he is away for long periods I have to do a lot of self-discipline. I also find it very exciting to be ordered to do things to myself.

Qarl said...


An acquaintance on mIRC shared your blog, and it's delightful. You share yourself in such a blushing and excited way, and it's very arousing and amusing to read. If you want an additional suggestion, you might try rubbing some kind of heating or stinging ointment on your ass before and/or after a thrashing. Capzasin-HP from your drug store produces a wonderful stinging during the period from 10-30 minutes after applying. It feels like a nasty sunburn. And if you apply warm water as in a shower, bath or jacuzzi after 20-30 minutes, it makes it much worse. Let me know here if you decide to try. Make sure you test it on a small patch of skin before using on a large area!