Sunday, 8 June 2008

A beautiful day and a sore behind…

The last week has been great here in Sweden. Lots of sun and high temperatures every day. Not only does this give me a beautiful tan, it also makes me really hot. Yes, well, horny… *blushes* I get aroused by the hot weather and can’t help but thinking naughty thoughts.

I have plenty of time for myself at the moment and I have borrowed a cabin from a friend. One great thing about this cabin is that there are no neighbours within a radius of several miles. So I can do pretty much what I want… walk around naked if I want to (and I do!)… practise self-punishments, write, masturbate *blushes again*… in short, life is wonderful.

I woke up early in the morning today and I just had to go out to greet a new, beautiful day, to experience how nature is coming alive to meet the new day. You could say that I am a very sensitive woman and I love experiencing sensations, using all my senses. I love walking barefoot and this is just what I did this morning. Through the woods, over dew-covered fields, on gravel roads. I simply love feeling sharp tiny stones of various sizes and shapes under the soles of my feet. On a field I found a multitude of long, slender switches… perfect for what I had in mind right now.

I picked one and removed the leaves. A long, slender, very flexible switch. The length is important to get a good whiplash effect and maximum impact when it bites into my flesh. When my Master whips me with switches and rods he often strikes so hard that I scream out loud from pain and the switches bites through my skin, leaving bloody streaks. I have very seldom succeeded to do this by myself as I simply cannot strike hard enough when whipping myself. However, I was determined to try.

It was so wonderful going into one of the rooms which I seldom used, closing the door behind me. My faithful dog Ville was outside keeping watch as usual. I stood naked in the centre of the room and the cold hardwood floor felt so good against the soles of my bare feet. For a long time I was visualizing the switches biting deep into my flesh and cutting my skin, then I took aim and went to work.

Already from the start I tried to strike as hard as I could and when the switch bit into my already swollen and sure buttocks for the first time, I gasped from the pain shock. I was really very sore after having smacked myself with the heavy paddle the day before. I kept on whipping myself and after ten strokes I made a pause to let the pain sink in, breathing heavily, my heart pounding from the excitement and suspense. All the time the fire kept on spreading through my body from my welted buttocks and eventually I started slashing myself again.

I kept on laying on ten strokes in a row, all the time desperately trying to strike harder and harder and I was sobbing from pain and disappointment that I could not strike hard enough to make the switch bite through my skin and make me bleed. But I surely laid it on as hard as I could.

When I had given myself ten sets of ten strokes each I was delirious with pain and in a state of frenzy and lust. I quickly went into the bedroom and when I saw my whipped behind in the mirror I was glad to see what vivid marks and stripes I had created. However, so far there were no bleeding wounds. I picked up the heavy wooden paddle and bent forward, then started to whack away at my tortured bottom like mad, masturbating all the time. Finally I fell to the floor, my body shaking with one violent orgasm after another.

I will go into town to upload this today and I will definitely keep on punishing myself. Not only that: I am determined to whip myself so hard that I bleed before the day is over. Without using thorns this time… Also, I will spend lots of time sunbathing and swimming in the river nearby. The hot weather and the sun make me extremely hot and I now feel a desperate need to suffer and to put vivid marks on my slut body…

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