Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The Woman and the Whip

Very exciting minutes right now... half an hour to go to midnight and two alternatives in my self-punishment poll have the same number of votes: caning by 30 strokes daily for two weeks and wearing a bra filled with thumb tacks for two days nonstop. Wonder what it will be... mmm

While we are waiting I would like to share this wonderful pic with you, with permission from Paul Zollo. Do visit his great photo collection at and in case you want to contact him, his email is Thank you so much for letting me use this picture, Paul.

Update: it's midnight here in Sweden now and the alternative of wearing a bra filled with thumb thacks for two days have won. I will carry out the punishment starting Friday. Thank you so much all for voting. *hugs* tina


Qarl said...

Well? It's just after 3pm PDT, so I believe it must be midnight in Stockholm. It looks as if thumb tacks got more votes... is that the winner?

-Carl (aka "Eager for the results" :-)

Qarl said...

Sleep well as you picture yourself wearing thumbtacks tomorrow. :-) Thanks for sharing the results!

Qarl said...

oops! I was so eager for the results, I forgot that "tomorrow" was Thursday. You still have a day of reprieve until your thumbtack bra goes on. :-)

Have fun! Thanks for letting us vote, and I can't wait to read your reports.


EDWARD said...

I am also waiting for details,I check often hoping to read something new from tinaslut.thanks for keeping us on edge. edward.