Monday, 9 June 2008

More pain for Tina

I woke up a bit later than usual this morning. As usual, after hugging and kissing my faithful friend Ville, I was getting aroused by the very existence of all the birches and switches around the cabin. It is so wonderful… any time I want to I just go out and pick a switch to use on my bare behind. I need plenty of practice so I will continue whipping myself every day. Probably it will be several times a day…

I just had to go out and break a fresh, whippy switch. Very soon I was bending over and lashing my bare buttocks with the switch as hard as I could. Like yesterday, I gave myself one hundred lashes, ten at a timed with pauses in between to enjoy the fiery pain. This time, the switch broke a couple of times but still there was enough left to carry out the punishment.

I am doing the writing in the cabin and during the day I make a trip into town to upload my blog posts, check email etc. By the way, if you would like to email me, I would be very glad to hear from you. Please tell me how you think a naughty slut like myself should suffer. I am always eager to learn about new ways of self-punishment and I love torturing myself according to instructions from unknown men or women. The more it hurts, the more horny I get and I keep on masturbating for hours every day.

While I am writing I now and then dig my sharp nails into my nipples and the harder I pinch myself, the more stiff and hard they get. I am totally obsessed by this wonderful, burning pain. I also dig my nails very hard into my clit, pinching, pulling and rolling it between my nails and this gorgeous pain gives me such wonderful orgasms… mmmmmmmmmmm

I simply must have another hundred lashes so I will now go out and pick a fresh switch and lay it on my swollen buttocks as hard as I can. It is so wonderful being by myself and feeling safe because Ville is outside guarding the cabin and he will alert me by barking if anybody should come near the house. So I can safely keep on trashing myself as much as I want. My goal is to make myself bleed and I will eventually succeed. But it is surely going to take a lot of hard work.

God, am I horny now… mmmmmmmmm

PS: Just completed the whipping and I am getting better and better at it… I now have many vivid marks of the switch on my glowing buttocks… actually, some of the stripes and marks are so bright red that I thought for a while I was actually bleeding. But I have plenty of time to achieve that and there is an unlimited access to fresh, whippy switches… ;-) Now I must lay down and masturbate for a while before going into town to upload this post… see you soon and please mail me at if you wish…

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