Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Time for part two of my punishment

Believe me, I really am excited now! I have picked a bag full of stinging nettles which I have arranged into three different boquets. I received very detailed – and strict – orders from the Dom who suggested this punishment and I am definitely going to carry them out to the point.

I have also picked two birch rods which I will use after my nettle punishment. Here you have all the components of my very cosy evening at home…

I will let you know what it was like tomorrow. Now I am just going to suffer and enjoy… letting myself be absorbed by the fire of pain, the fire of lust…

1 comment:

Qarl said...


I'm looking forward to reading your report on part II of your nettles punishment. I'm curious to see what you're ordered to do.

Another thing, when are you going to wear the thumbtacks in your bra?