Saturday, 21 June 2008

Whipping scene from the Viking Queen

As I explained in my previous post I will have to take some time off from self-punishments, mainly because I don’t really feel for it right now. Ville has had a good night’s rest and he already looks stronger although he still has problems with his hind legs. But he has the spirit of a fighter and he really wants to come back.

I will also come back, as soon as I see that I can once again enjoy my self-punishments. Meanwhile, I will post some other things which you might like. How about this whipping scene, for instance? The film is the Viking Queen from 1967 and strangely enough, the film is about Romans in old England. Not a Viking in sight…


will69b said...

I'm sending good thoughts your way, in the hope that they touch upon your faithful companion, Ville.

(We've had dogs in our family, as well as cats. I know how much they mean..they are part of the family.)

~~I've had some similar jolts this week..and, continue to reverberate.

Take care of your dog, and take care of you.

~~Quite a whipping scene. I've never seen this movie before. I liked the actress' performance: The biting of the inner arm was a good touch; obviously, a Queen in the making~~Viking, or not! lol!


Qarl said...

I'm glad to hear that Ville is resting fairly well, and hope he continues to progress. Thanks for the videos, I'd never seen these before, and found them very intense to watch.
Take care especially during this time of caring for your dear pet and companion.

Mc said...

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