Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Self-punishment update

This week I have been staying in a friend’s cabin and I still have some days to go. It has been a most wonderful time especially for satisfying my masochistic urges. Each morning I go out barefoot in the cold dew to pick switches and birch rods which I then use on my bare bottom. The absolute minimum per session is one hundred strokes but I often keep on trashing myself a bit more as I get so horny and excited that I simply cannot stop. After each session I lay down masturbating frantically for a long time, driving myself to the most fantastic orgasms, fuelled by the burning fire in my buttocks.

I punish myself with 100 strokes several times a day and each night before I go to bed I give myself an extra hard trashing which keeps me desperately hot until I finally fall asleep after more orgasms than I can count. Last night I actually succeeded to draw blood by using a birch rod with several smaller branches. Just above my buttocks where the skin is more sensitive but believe me, it was a gorgeous feeling to see the bloody streak on my skin. All these trashings have made the skin on my rump rough and harder to break but I am working on it. Maybe it’s a good thing that I will soon be home again as my poor bottom will have to rest and I simply cannot stop whipping myself when I’m out here.

I hope you are having a wonderful time, wherever you are. If you like my blog, please subscribe to it by an RSS-feed so you don’t miss anything. Hugs and kisses from your horny slaveslut tina.


spondifoo said...

I love reading your blogs. BTW, I vote for the bra and thumbtacks

Anonymous said...


You really know how to get a guy all worked up!

All these self-punishments..

..just wait till Master gets home!


William Boyson said...


I've just discovered your fantastic blog and will add a link to it on my new Yahoo Group, which is devoted to the serious discussion of self-spanking:
I always enjoy collecting switches, knowing they are going to be used on my own bare bottom!