Friday, 27 June 2008

In the hands of The Whip Master

I have been wearing the tacked bra overnight and it was a new sensation. Just out from the stinging nettle punishment plus a good birching into this. But I love it! Actually, the pain of the tacks and pins is a bit different from many other tortures. After a while, the pain becomes quite dull, almost like when you have chafed feet and thus is actually more irritating than arousing. Still, the fact that I have been ordered by you, my dear blog readers, to do this makes it an exciting experience anyhow.

Some of the pins are sharper than the others and should easily penetrate my skin. It took a while to fall asleep last night and I was continuously masturbating until I did ;-) As I tossed and turned in my bed while sleeping, the pins dug into my breasts from new angles all the time and today my poor breasts are very sore. As the fabric of the bra is quite thick I cannot see any blood spots on the outside but it feels like quite a few pins have penetrated my skin. The pain is especially intense in my areolas and my nipples are stiff and erect all the time.

Later today you will be back with me, Master. I am really longing and while I am waiting for you, many fantasies cross my mind. As you know I get very aroused by pics and drawings of women being punished and today I have been looking at such pics a lot while playing with myself. Oh, your tina is such a naughty, horny slut… please punish her most strictly for her sins when you get home…

Drawings like this one really fire my imagination and make me hot. Many of my fantasies involves being whipped and tortured in a dungeon, by a cruel, merciless man. When I am not tortured I am lying chained spread-eagled and naked in my cell and the man who has whipped me can come in and rape me as often as he wants… mmmmmmm

Another thing is that the girl in this pic actually bears some resemblance to me, although I have smaller breasts :-( , but her hairstyle is very similar to mine. I am dreaming of being her… in the hands of The Whip Master… all the time desperately begging him to whip me harder… whipping me to shreds… mmmmmm

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EDWARD said...

I cant wait to here how you"ve been punished,most severely I hope,such a horny pain slut needs it harshly. edward.